Become a host!

6-week workshop

  • Meet once a week for six weeks, one hour per session

  • Minimum of 5 children

  • Maximum of 10 children

  • Additional fees may apply if host's home is more than 20 miles from South Orange, NJ.


  • Host is $107.50 (50% off) for one child

  • ​Additional parent-child pairs: $215

  • 15% discount for siblings within 2 years of host child

Topics include:

Cognitive - positive self-talk/mindset skills

Centered - coping skills, self-regulation

Courageous - pushing through fears, Bystander/Mean/Bullying behavior - to others, to you, by you including cyber bullying

Compassion - courteous, Empathy, Diversity, Tolerance, Kindness, Self-compassion

Careful - healthy and safe living, Go/Slow/Whoa foods, Being prepared

Communication - verbal, Non-verbal, Listening, Conflict resolution, Collaboration, Relationship skills

Charity - importance of giving back and helping others, Random acts of kindness

Confident - self-esteem, accepting yourself, standing up for yourself

Commitment - resilience, responsibility, perseverance, goal setting, self-direction

Comedy - joy and ability to laugh at yourself

Cherish - mindfulness, gratitude

Choices - peer pressure, learning from mistakes

To learn more and secure dates email: or call 973-913-4612.