• Resilience - so that students know they can handle and thrive through life's ups and downs.

  • Anti-Bullying, Mean and Bystander - so that students feel safe and are ready to learn.

  • Coping Skills - students have strategies to increase self-control, make thoughtful decisions and better able to handle worries and anxieties.

  • Conflict Resolution/Relationship Skills - students learn healthy ways to navigate difficult situations, get along with others, build and maintain positive relationships.

  • Mindset - students understand the power of their thoughts leading them to happier and more successful lives. 


  • Children – learn life tools, at a young age, so they grow up feeling good about themselves.

  • Teachers – less time managing negative behaviors, more time teaching leading to an improved learning environment.  

  • Parents/Caregivers – consistent language and resources to reinforce the lessons learned for real learning and long-lasting benefits. 

Children learn to

  • Understand the power of their thoughts and learn how to train their brain to think more positively

  • Build their self-esteem so they can feel good about themselves as they are

  • Use their coping skills to better manage worries/anxieties and improve mindfulness/self-control

  • Improve resilience so they know they can handle whatever happens

  • Believe they can push through their fears

  • Take on challenges, give their best effort and improve their resilience 

  • Think before doing

  • Stand up for themselves and others

  • Improve their communication skills, conflict resolution and build positive relationships

  • Have fun in their lives and be able to laugh at themselves

  • Have empathy and they can make a difference in someone's life 

  • Appreciate differences 

  • Learn from their mistakes and make thoughtful future choices

  • Be kinder to themselves and their community

Green Glory, Red Rant and The 12 Cs help kids develop the skills to reach their fullest potential. It provides a blueprint and common vocabulary so everyone is going in the same direction to success and happiness.  With a proactive approach, parents and educators will create teaching opportunities to help our kids thrive in today's world