The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta

The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta is a compilation of 12 relatable stories, tips for kids and activities that explore the power of positive self-talk, mindset skills and brings The 12 Cs life. It shows children how they, too can navigate through real life situations, change from negative to positive self-talk/mindset and be prepared to handle whatever life throws at them.  


The book is a teaching tool designed to be read by children and adults together, offering a communication tool to open up dialogue and foster conversations. 

The stories are an engaging and age appropriate way to teach these valuable skills because children remember stories.  

The book is available at Barnes and Noble and

Signed books are available when ordered directly through Character U.  

He loves The 12 Cs and talks about you all the time. You really made an impression on him. Every night he reads your book. Andrew got so much out of your life skills lessons at camp. He talks about "Green Glory and Red Rant" and knows what they mean. His new book is a prized possession. Thank you for being so generous and sharing it with the kids! This kid LOVES you!

"So the COOLEST thing happened today!!  I met the amazing Gretchen Burman a Brilliant children's author. We picked up her book "The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta" at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. This great book has become a wonderful empowerment tool of personal development for my 3 children. It discusses the issues of confidence, courage, compassion, just to name a few. A great help in raising strong, kind, hardworking children who will hopefully, find their purpose and become good citizens of the world. I strongly recommend you pick up this book for your kids or any kid you care about this Holiday season!!​" 

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