Camp programs offer a fun way to incorporate The 12 Cs that can be practiced during camp and get them ready for the next school year.  Camp programs can be integrated as one of daily activities or offered as an after camp enrichment.


Campers learn these core values through interactive lessons and lots of fun activities helping to bring The 12 Cs to life.  The life tools learned will help build children's life skills foundation getting them ready to thrive during the next school year.  


Contact Gretchen Burman to learn more.  


He loves The 12 Cs and talks about you all the time. You really made an impression on him. Every night he reads your book.  Andrew got so much out of your life skills lessons at camp. He talks about "Green Glory and Red Rant" and knows what they mean. His new book is a prized possession. Thank you for being so generous and sharing it with the kids! This kid LOVES you!


Michele Littman, Mother of 2 children