Empower children with social and emotional skills to confidently navigate life's ups and downs, make a positive impact in the world and thrive in today’s complex world.

About Gretchen Burman

My name is Gretchen Burman, mother of two amazing children and wife to a supportive and loving husband. I founded Character U after living The 12 Cs with my family and seeing the positive effects of this consistent language.  I wrote the book, The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta to bring these tools to life through stories and memorable characters.  I wanted to help even more children so I share my passion and learnings through various programs including workshops and assemblies.  I am so grateful for the support of my entire family for helping me make my dream a reality.      


YMCA student comments (workshop):

I loved going to class.  Thank you for teaching me!!!!

I really liked the role plays and I enjoyed telephone game.

Thank you for teaching character u ms. Gretchen.  Good job!!

I had a lot of fun in your class. 

I think you are really nice and I love Character U.

I love this learning class.  Learning new things every Thursday.

Thank you Ms. Gretchen for teaching character U.  Good job!

I love going here. It's so fun and learning about The 12 Cs was just so fun.

I had fun learning about The 12 Cs with Ms. Gretchen

I'm gonna miss you!  I love you!  I wish you didn't leave!  I want more time with you!!  And thank you for being an awesome teacher, Ms. Gretchen. 

I love your class. It was so great!  I hope you  had the best time.

I really liked this class (best class ever!)

Annette Golub - PTO President at Jones Lane Elementary School, Darnestown, Maryland (assembly)​

Thank you again for a wonderful assembly last Friday! The kids really enjoyed it and I got such positive feedback from the teachers.  The school counselor specifically was very excited to hear your message, she told me that she tries to teach them these concepts all the time and that to hear it reinforced by someone else was fantastic.


Finally, I wanted to share a little story.  My parents were in town last week, visiting from Boston. My boys and I were telling them about the assembly and my dad was just over the moon about your book and the concepts it is teaching.  He wants his own copy and he is determined to go back to Boston and share it with others.  He couldn't stop talking about it!


Thanks again and take care,



The curriculum is research-based from many well renowned sources, such as Paul Tough, Malcolm Gladwell, Carol Dweck, Elaine Aron, Angela Duckworth and many more. The content has been reviewed by several professionals in the fields of mental health and educators.  However, the most influential resources have been my children who inspired all of the characters and ensure the stories, activities and lessons are kid friendly, interesting, understandable and fun.  I teach the workshops from a mother's perspective filled with real life examples and backed by years of research.

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