Become a host!

Hosts receive incentives for bringing moms or dads with elementary aged children into your home for a fun and informative workshop series.  Siblings around the same age are encouraged so the entire family can learn this consistent language.  Becoming a host allows you to pick the day and time that works best for your family and it’s in the comfort of your own home.  Hosts are responsible for bringing moms or dads with their elementary aged children into your home for a fun and informative workshop series.  Workshops are either 4 weeks or 6 weeks.  

6-week workshop

  • Meet once a week for six weeks, one hour per session

  • Minimum of 5 children

  • Maximum of 10 children

  • Additional fees may apply if host's home is more than 20 miles from South Orange, NJ.


  • Host is $107.50 (50% off) for one child

  • ​Additional parent-child pairs: $215

  • 15% discount for siblings within 2 years of host child

Topics include:

Cognitive - positive self-talk/mindset skills

Centered - coping skills, self-regulation

Courageous - pushing through fears, Bystander/Mean/Bullying behavior - to others, to you, by you including cyber bullying

Compassion - courteous, Empathy, Diversity, Tolerance, Kindness, Self-compassion

Careful - healthy and safe living, Go/Slow/Whoa foods, Being prepared

Communication - verbal, Non-verbal, Listening, Conflict resolution, Collaboration, Relationship skills

Charity - importance of giving back and helping others, Random acts of kindness

Confident - self-esteem, accepting yourself, standing up for yourself

Commitment - resilience, responsibility, perseverance, goal setting, self-direction

Comedy - joy and ability to laugh at yourself

Cherish - mindfulness, gratitude

Choices - peer pressure, learning from mistakes