Referral Offer - Elementary School Programs

Do you know any elementary school principals and/or PTA/PTO/HSA Presidents?  If so, I will PAY you! 

My company, Character U, helps elementary aged kids learn the life tools to thrive in today’s world.  Through my social emotional learning programs, we teach 12 core values, referred to as The 12 Cs, which are based on my book, The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta. I conduct school workshops, author visits and assemblies and help integrate The 12 Cs into the school-wide community so this consistent language can be reinforced and practiced post programs.  Children learn the life skills to build their best self today and always.


I will pay referral fees as follows:

  • $25 to anyone who schedules an in-person meeting with either a current PTA/PTO/HSA President and/or the Principal of elementary schools (Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas). 

  • $100 to anyone whose introduction/meeting turns into a paid author visit or assembly (I will travel outside of New Jersey for author visits and assemblies).

  • $150 to anyone whose meeting turns into a paid 6-week school-wide workshop (Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas). 


Please forward my offer to anyone who may be interested.  If you have any questions or have a referral, please email or call at 973-913-4612. 


This offer is for a limited time.  I reserve the right to cancel at any time if the job doesn’t meet Character U’s requirements.