Positive Self-talk and Mindset Skills

Do you hear kids say?

Instead, would you like to hear?

Our entire approach is tailored to connect with children on their terms.  Using characters that are relatable and child-friendly helps kids learn how to be the boss of their thoughts.

Green Glory
Green Glory
Red Rant

Green Glory and Red Rant represent our positive and negative self-talk and mindset.  

On one side of our head is Red Rant telling us negative things like, “I can’t do it,” and “I’ll never get it so stop trying,” and "No one likes me." 

Green Glory is on the other side of our head telling us positive things like, “I can do it,” and “Keep trying and don’t give up,” and "I am likeable."  

Green Glory’s job is to keep Red Rant from bullying our thoughts. 

Children learn how to be the boss of their thoughts so they know how to quiet their inner critic, be self-compassionate and mentally strong.  Research proves this helps children (and adults)... 

• Feel happier

• Do better in school

• Have more success

• Improve coping skills

• Increase physical and mental health

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"The mind is everything.  What you think you become."  Buddha

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