How to be Courageous and push through your fears…

Being courageous and pushing through her fears

I have a great example of pushing through fears and being courageous. Courageous is one of The Cs and was perfectly executed by my 8 year old daughter this weekend. We were at the pool and she wanted to jump off the low diving board. She is a very fearful child and had wanted to jump for a couple of years after watching her friends have fun doing it. She walked to the end of the diving board a few times over the years but wasn't ready to push through her fears. We talk a lot about courage and what it means. I explained that it doesn't mean you aren't scared. It means you are scared but it's important enough for you to push through those fears and do it anyway. This was the year it was important enough for her to push through her fears. We went through an exercise I created for my Life Skills for Kids Workshop called VROOM...

Visualize success, Relax, Open your Green Glory attitude, Overcome your fear, Move and do it. I guided my daughter through the exercise and voila she jumped!! I was so proud of her but more importantly she was proud of herself. This jump also built her confidence knowing that she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

Green Glory is one of the main characters in my book and workshop that help children understand the power of their self-talk. I explain self-talk as:

  • On one side of our head is Green Glory and on the other side of our head is Red Rant.

  • Green Glory is positive and tells you helpful things like, “You can do it”, and “Keep trying and don’t give up”, and “Believe and you can achieve”

  • Red Rant is negative and tells you hurtful things like, “You can’t do it”, and “You’ll never get it so stop trying”, and “They don’t like you.” Unfortunately Red Rant likes to hang around.

  • Green Glory’s job is to keep Red Rant from bullying your thoughts. Red Rant never completely goes away but through my book and workshops you can learn to keep it quiet.

After she jumped I decided I would jump off the high dive. It's been probably 30 years and it felt very high! I was scared as I walked out to the edge of the diving board. I also used VROOM and it worked! I jumped and it was fun.

It was a wonderful day at the pool and my daughter is eager to return and continue jumping off the diving board.

Courage is so important because there are many “diving board” like situations in life. We can either let our fears stop us or we can push through and believe we can achieve and do it anyway. Doing difficult things builds confidence which helps you the next time you want to push through your fears and be courageous.

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