CONFIDENT-Day 1 of '12 Days of The 12 Cs'

Definition: To believe in yourself. To believe in your abilities. To like yourself. To trust yourself. To believe you will achieve. To know you are worthy of love and respect. To have a high self-esteem. Inner strength.


  1. Think of something that you are struggling with and don't believe you can do it.

  2. Repeat saying… “I don’t know how to do X (fill in your struggle), but I know I’ll figure it out with enough hard work.”

  3. Write down three things you like about yourself.

Tips for Kids: Confidence is about changing your negative feelings into believing in yourself. There are two characters, positive Green Glory and negative Red Rant in my book, The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta and my Life Skills for Kids workshop.

  • Green Glory is on one side of your head telling you positive things like, “I can do it”, “Keep trying,” “Don’t give up” and “I don’t know how to do it yet but I’ll figure it out with enough hard work.”

  • Red Rant is on the other side of your head telling you negative things like, “You can’t do it,” “No one likes you,” You’re going to fail,” and “You’ll never get it so stop trying.”

Green Glory’s job is to keep Red Rant from bothering you and bullying your thoughts. Next time you hear your Red Rant, stop and recognize that this is Red Rant, and then say positive Green Glory words to help bring you back to feeling CONFIDENT.


"So the COOLEST thing happened today!! I met the amazing Gretchen Burman a Brilliant children's author. We picked up her book "The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta" at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. This great book has become a wonderful empowerment tool of personal development for my 3 children. It discusses the issues of confidence, courage, compassion, just to name a few. A great help in raising strong, kind, hardworking children who will hopefully, find their purpose and become good citizens of the world. I strongly recommend you pick up this book for your kids or any kid you care about this Holiday season!!"

- Fairouz Rahal-Hunter, Mother of 3 children

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