How to build children's Confidence

Today I’m writing about Confidence which was the 1st C of “The 12 Cs” I created. I believe confidence is the foundation to a happy and fulfilled life and it is a critical life lesson to teach our children and live ourselves. Most of us struggle with confidence and I certainly have struggled with it. However, my confidence has greatly improved since I became more aware through researching it for my book, The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta, and Life Skills for Kids Workshop. I believe it is possible for anyone to improve their confidence.

Two simple ways to increase your confidence:

  • Positively talk to yourself

  • Try difficult (yet safe) things and build upon the successes of those difficult things

My last blog was about being courageous and I told the story of my daughter who was terrified to jump off the low diving board, but she was able to push through her fears and jump anyway.

Fast forward a few weeks and we’re at the pool and she tells me she is going to jump off the high dive. I honestly didn’t think she would do it because she had just jumped off the low dive and I knew how hard that was for her. She started walking toward the diving board so I jumped up to get my cell phone so I could video tape it in case she surprised me and jumped. She waited her turn at the bottom of the high diving board with a hopeful look. It seemed like it took forever which I was concerned would ice her out. It was her turn and she nervously climbed the ladder, walked to the end, looked at me and within a few seconds she jumped! I was in shock and so excited for her that she pushed through her fear again and jumped. Her smile when she came to the surface was pure joy. I gave her a giant hug and had to hold back the happy tears.

Here is a video of my daughter jumping off the high diving board after she built her confidence.

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