Day #4 of '12 Days of The 12 Cs' - COMMUNICATION

Definition: Exchanging thoughts and information effectively. Relationship skills. Activities: Play a game of charades where your family uses their body language to communicate. Tips for kids:

  • Good communication can keep smaller problems from becoming bigger problems.

  • Good communication helps build and keep healthy friendships.

  • You have the power to communicate Green Glory’s positive talk or Red Rant’s negative talk.

Announcing my next Life Skills for Kids Workshops for ages 7-10 with parent:

  • 6 Saturdays 2/20-3/26/2016 3pm-4pm at Mondo in Summit, NJ​

  • 6 Tuesdays 2/23-3/29/16 6pm-7pm at Work and Play​ in South Orange, NJ

For more information or to sign up, please visit

#LifeSkillsforKids #Workshop #Communication #Parenting #12DaysofThe12Cs

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