DAY #7 Of 12 Days Of The 12 Cs - COURAGEOUS

COURAGEOUS - Teaching children the importance of pushing through their fears


The ability to handle fear, embarrassment, pain or anything else you would usually want to avoid. The ability to push through fears and be brave even when you’re scared. Inner toughness. Activities:

  1. Think of something you are scared to try.

  2. Repeat saying, “I am strong and can push through my fears.”

Tips for kids:

  • Being courageous doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. It means you are scared, but push through your fears and do it anyway.

  • Ignore Red Rant, who puts doubt in your mind. Instead, listen to Green Glory who says, “You can do it!”​

Announcing my next Life Skills for Kids Workshops for ages 7-10 with parent:

  • 6 Saturdays 2/20-3/26/2016 3pm-4pm at Mondo in Summit, NJ​

  • 6 Tuesdays 2/23-3/29/16 6pm-7pm at Work and Play​ in South Orange, NJ

For more information or to sign up, please visit

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