How to help your child when they think ghosts are in their room

I'm excited to start up my blog again sharing examples from personal experience and those of others that have used The 12 Cs and positive self-talk and mindset to help them.

This blog is an example of how I used these tools with my 10 year-old daughter which helped her through a difficult situation.

It was 10pm and I was on my way upstairs to go to bed when I saw my daughter walking down the stairs crying. She said, "I see ghosts in my room!" I thought to myself, I can’t just tell her not to be scared. This fear is very real to her. How could I help her?

She has a mural of twelve guiding principles called, The 12 Cs on her bedroom wall. I created The 12 Cs when I was pregnant with her 10 years ago as my parenting check list to make sure I proactively and reactively taught her the important social and emotional skills. This is our communication toolbox that helps us navigate life's ups and downs. I looked at the mural to figure out which “C” could help her. I picked Cognitive and Centered. Click here for The 12 Cs definitions.

First I used COGNITIVE - I said, "This is your negative Red Rant taking over your thoughts. Tell yourself positive Green Glory things like, "I am safe and there are no ghosts in my room." She repeated this a few times. This positive self-talk helped lessen her fear.

Then I used CENTERED – I said, "Take 3 full breaths and imagine being in Jamaica during our vacation or anything else that makes you happy. Keep thinking about these images and push away any negative thoughts." I also said, "This fear will pass."

Within a few minutes she was asleep with no further interruptions that night! It sounds simple and it was. Having the common vocabulary, The 12 Cs provides really works! We use and live them daily!

If you have a story to share of how The 12 Cs, Green Glory or Red Rant have helped your family, please email me at Your story may be shared on a future blog to help others looking for ways to help their children.

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Thanks for reading! I wish you a day full of Green Glory!!




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