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This year has been a year of exploration and learning as my mission to help children learn the power of positive self-talk, mindset and life tools from my book has expanded.

I’ve learned a ton and look forward to continuing my journey. One consistent sentiment from parents and educators is the desire for resources in small bites to teach and reinforce these important skills. As a parent I completely understand, and this is why I am making it a priority to provide parents and educators information to start and continue the conversations to boost real learning.

I will be sending out a monthly newsletter to include action steps with talking points, activities, role play examples and more for each of the concepts from my book and programs. This month is an overview of the concepts and each following month I will dig deeper into each of the concepts.

The 12 Cs:

I created The 12 Cs as my parenting checklist to provide a common vocabulary and ensure I proactively and reactively taught my children the important social and emotional skills. I now share The 12 Cs with others to help foster and facilitate discussions about emotions and behaviors empowering children to positively navigate life's ups and downs so they can thrive in today’s world.

Self-Talk and Mindset:

Children learn how to be the boss of their thoughts so they know how to quiet their inner critic, be self-compassionate and mentally strong. The characters, positive Green Glory and negative Red Rant, offer a child-friendly and tangible way to help children learn and remember these important skills.

Red Rant

Through each of The 12 Cs, children learn how to recognize their negative self-talk/mindset and then change it to positive self-talk/mindset through my book, assemblies and workshops.

Keep your eye out each month as we dig deeper into the specific concepts.

To learn more about bringing these concepts to life during an assembly and/or workshop at your elementary school, please contact Gretchen Burman at


Watch me in action during my Be the Boss of Your Thoughts assembly.


Watch my latest podcast interview with Linda Vettrus-Nichols.

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