Mother's video testimonial, Glenwood Elementary School, Millburn, NJ

Alpha Public School teacher's comments:

  • 100% of the teachers would recommend assembly.

  • As a teacher I loved it!! 

  • Perfect, no changes needed. 

  • Presenter was excellent and engaged the students.

  • Speaker had great topics & great coping skills to offer the kids.

Alpha Public School PTA President:

​Thank you again for an amazing program you put on yesterday! I was truly impressed with how engaged the kids were! I spoke to a teacher at the end of the day and she commented on how much your program helped her personally...she LOVED everything about the program!  I had taken my daughter to McDonald's for lunch after school and two other kids from her class were there. As they were talking, I overheard one of the girl’s comment "I think he's listening to Red Rant. I'm going to listen to Green Glory and do this!" Now, I don't know what she was trying to do, but I was really impressed that she carried the lesson over, out of school, and incorporated it. Thought you might want to know that! Thank you again so much for coming out to our school!  Tammy McGee

Student comments (YMCA After-care workshop):

  • I loved going to class.  Thank you for teaching me!!!!

  • I really liked the role plays and I enjoyed telephone game.

  • Thank you for teaching character u ms. Gretchen.  Good job!!

  • I had a lot of fun in your class. 

  • I think you are really nice and I love Character U.

  • I love this learning class.  Learning new things every Thursday.

  • Thank you Ms. Gretchen for teaching character U.  Good job!

  • I love going here. It's so fun and learning about The 12 Cs was just so fun.

  • I had fun learning about The 12 Cs with Ms. Gretchen

  • I'm gonna miss you!  I love you!  I wish you didn't leave!  I want more time with you!!  And thank you for being an awesome teacher, Ms. Gretchen. 

  • I love your class. It was so great!  I hope you  had the best time.

  • I really liked this class (best class ever!)

Whitney Green, School Counselor, CMIT Elementary School, Laurel, MD

I want to thank you deeply for your kindness and the invaluable work you continue to do on behalf of our next generation.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful book, ideas, energy and philosophy!  I am particularly grateful for anyone willing to offer themselves to our youth, as it is tireless work to be there for them and support them, all in an attempt to shape and promote the best generation yet! I THANK YOU, for all you continue to do in that.

Khadija Bowen, PTO President, CMIT Elementary School, Laurel, MD​

Thank you!  I will absolutely share your assembly information because it would be a great add-on to the guidance counselors’ curriculum when they are promoting the character education and anti-bullying.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights!

Dawn Filippone - PTA Chair at Intervale Elementary School,  Boonton, NJ​

Everyone loved your show! I heard nothing but positive feedback from all whole attended! Thanks again for everything!

Annette Golub - PTO President at Jones Lane Elementary School,  Darnestown, Maryland​

Thank you again for a wonderful assembly last Friday! The kids really enjoyed it and I got such positive feedback from the teachers.  The school counselor specifically was very excited to hear your message, she told me that she tries to teach them these concepts all the time and that to hear it reinforced by someone else was fantastic.


Finally, I wanted to share a little story.  My parents were in town last week, visiting from Boston. My boys and I were telling them about the assembly and my dad was just over the moon about your book and the concepts it is teaching.  He wants his own copy and he is determined to go back to Boston and share it with others.  He couldn't stop talking about it!

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